How do I have the printout fill the page and use the white space?

Q. How do I have the printout fill the page and use the white space?

A. Try changing these settings listed below:

Change How the Chart Wraps and Stretches

If you want to change how the chart stretches you can adjust the Chart Display Settings (found in More Options > Chart Settings) and adjust the "Wrap Stacked Roles After" options to change the shape of the chart.

  1. Click Print, then click More Options.


  2. Click Chart Settings.

  3. Increase the Wrap Roles After settings by dragging the slider to the right, and click to uncheck "Enable Compact Mode".

  4. Click Save.

Note: This setting can also be found in Settings, Chart Settings. Play around with the settings until you achieve the desired effects on the chart.

Auto Page Size

  • Click Print then choose the "Auto" page size option found at the left to have the document page size match the chart shape exactly with no extra white space.

    You can then print this on a specific page size using Adobe Reader or similar program.

Set a Specific Page Size

  • If you want to print on a specific page size you can select the desired page size. This will make the chart fit on the page and will fill the page as best as possible. If the chart is wider than it is tall it will stretch to fit the page horizontally. However, if the chart is taller than it is wide it will stretch to fit the page vertically. 

Create a Custom Format

  • You can also create a custom format using the A button, and adjust the size of the boxes to make them taller or wider. 

Here's a quick video:



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