How do I make a level of my roles horizontal?

Q. I am putting together an org chart for my company. I listed 10 people below our CEO. The first three people I listed are horizontal. The next 4 people I listed happen to appear vertical. I'm trying to figure out how to change the display settings so that I can fit more boxes horizontally before the program shifts everything to vertical. 

Here is a screenshot of my how my current org chart appears:

A.  Yes, you can change the maximum stack height in the chart settings.

To change the maximum stack height:

1. Click the Stack Settings button in the toolbar at the right, then change the stack setting to 1.



Or, in the same way, change the stack settings using Chart Settings:

  1. Click Settings in the top right corner, then choose Chart Settings.

  2. Click Chart Display at the left.

    Then change the Wrap Stacked Roles After to 1 to set the bottom level nodes to horizontal (eliminating stacking). Think of this as a maximum role (row) height setting.

    [Note: Also, uncheck Compact Mode to stop vertical stacking if sibling roles exist.]

  3. Click Save.

 Your chart now displays as below:


Here's a quick video:


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