Working with Photoboards

You can conveniently search member names and see your member list in rows with their pictures in Photoboard view. Ensure you have created an org chart first, before using photoboards.

To use photoboards:

  1. Login to Organimi by going to

  2. Select the name of the organization from the left navigation pane.

  3. Select Photoboards.

  4. Select the name of the org chart you wish to view.

    The Photoboard appears by default with the members in alphabetical order.

  5. Click in the field Search by Member Name at the top, and enter the name you wish to search.

    The photoboard automatically filters to display the searched member.

  6. Delete the name you entered in the search field in step 5. if you wish to see all of the members again.

  7. To switch to directory or org chart view, hover over the green View Mode button at the top right, and choose Directory or Chart.

  8. While viewing your directory or org chart, switch back to Photoboard view using the same handy green View Mode button.

Note: You can now create a pdf of your photoboard, and there are several print options available. 

Here's a quick video:


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