Organimi Overview / Demo Video

See below that there are 3 steps to creating an org chart: 


To view a demo of the robust functionality of an Organimi Org Chart click here.

You'll be making beautiful org charts in no time!

With Organimi org charts you can:

  • Import a list of names in a spreadsheet with ID and Boss ID columns, and have your org chart auto-create.
  • Add / delete members as desired.
  • Create custom fields, and display url links (i.e. a link to a Linked in profile).
  • Change the look and layout.
  • Import Photo Images of members and have them appear in the org chart.
  • Drag and drop roles.
  • Change the views.
  • Print your org chart in full or in sections.
  • Share your org charts and control access.
  • And more...

To get started, login to Organimi, then start with step (1) Creating Your Organization.




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