Changing the Layout / Size of an Org Chart

With Organimi being an org chart tool instead of a drawing tool, creating an org chart is as easy as setting up the role structure and assigning members to the role, after which the org chart is automatically laid out for you without the need to draw your own lines and boxes.  There may be times when you would like each org chart branch to look more (or less) vertical, and when you wish to reduce the width of the org chart, therefore you have options available to control the layout.

To Change the Layout and Size of an Org Chart:

  1. Under the organization name, click on Org Charts in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click on the name of the org chart that you wish to view. 

  3. When your org chart is displayed, hover over the Display Settings icon  at the top right of the screen. The Display Settings window appears.

  4. Change the Max height in role group field and/or the Max height in shared role field to the desired maximum number of members that will show vertical on an org chart branch. Check the box Compact if possible if you wish to make your org chart less wide and more compact.  Test out different settings to find the best layout for your chart.

Below is a short video of how the layout is compacted by changing the display settings:



Note: Change the size of the boxes and the thickness of the line connectors by going to the Formatting Options section (which is included in our paid plans).

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