Adding "New" Members While in Org Chart View

Prior to June 2016, a roster member had to be created in the Organization Roster section before you can add the member to a role on your org chart.  To make it more efficient for you to build your org charts, we have now added to ability for you to add new roster members while in the Org Chart View.

To add new member while in the org chart view:

  1. Click on Org Charts from the left navigation pane. Select the name of the org chart to display it. If you have not yet created an Org Chart, then complete step (3) Building your Org Chart.

  2. Click on Create Role (if this is the first role you are adding to the org chart), or click on the + sign to the top/bottom/side of the role you wish to add.

  3. In the Assign Members to Role field, start typing the name of the new member you want to add.  If the member's name has not yet been added to the roster, you will see an orange "NEW" icon to the right of the name you're adding.  

    Note that the yellow "NEW" icon will only appear when you start typing the member's last name, given that all org chart members must have a First Name and Last Name.

  4. Once you have finished typing the full name of the member, click the orange NEW icon that appears beside the person's name, to add the member's name to the field. (Note: The name is simultaneously added to the Organization Roster as well).

  5. Click Create Role to add the new member to the Role.


To Import a Member Roster all at Once:  If you don't want to manually add a team member one at a time, you have the option of importing your member roster into Organimi.  To import a member list, your file must be in CSV format.  

Click here for instructions on import your Member Roster from a CSV File



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