Creating a CSV File Using Excel

To import an existing member list to a roster, the file must be in CSV format.

A CSV file is a comma separated values text file (.csv) created using MS Excel.  Each field of text in the file was traditionally separated by a comma (,), however, currently CSV files can resemble any spreadsheet.  The only differences are that the file extension is .csv, it can only have a single sheet in a file and it cannot save cell, column, row styling or formulas.

To convert an existing Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx) of your member list to a CSV file:

    1.  Open your spreadsheet file in Excel.

NOTE: The first 3 columns must be setup as ID, First Name, Last Name. When you include the columns with headings in the sample below, Email, Description, Role, Boss ID, etc., then this information can be used to create your Org Chart. 

     2.  Click on File, and choose Save As.

     3.  Enter a file name, then select CSV (Comma delimited)(*csv) from the Save as type drop down.

     4.  Depending on which version of Excel you are using, a message appears: 
         "Any formatting in the workbook will be removed", or "Some features may be lost".
          If required, click Continue.

Here is a sample csv file that you can download and edit 


  • The first 3 columns of the excel file must be ordered: ID, First Name, Last Name, and when you use the same sample columns shown above (including role, boss id), then the structure of the org chart is created automatically when you build the Organimi org chart!
  • Ensure that row 1 (the top row) is the column headings.
  • Place the top role (i.e. CEO or President) in row 2 directly below the column headings. Notice that the first cell under the heading Boss ID is intentionally left blank.
  • Avoid having blank rows between names.

Here's a quick video:


Now that you've created your CSV file, click the link below to learn how to Import the CSV file: 

Click here to return to page of instructions (2) Adding Members to an Organization Roster, and scroll to B. To Import an Existing List of Names to the Roster (CSV file)


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