(3) Building Your Org Chart

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

NOTE: Before proceeding to build an org chart, you need to have completed the steps of (1) Creating an Organization, and also (2) Adding Members to an Organization Roster.  Or, alternatively complete (1) Creating an Organization, and advance directly to Importing a Hierarchical Org Chart which may save you time by auto-generating the org chart.

To build an org chart:

Organimi org charts are role-based, so you can set up the role structure and assign the members to the role. 

  1. Click on Org Charts found on the left side of the page and select Click to add a new chart

  2. In the New Chart dialog box, under Parent organization, click Select Organization, and choose the name of the organization from the drop down menu that appears.

  3. Enter the Name of the chart, i.e. Zengario Org Chart, and click Create Chart.   

  4. Click the Create Role box that appears. 

  5. Enter the Role Title in the New Role dialog box, then press Tab and choose a Role Type. In the Assign Members to Role field, type the name of the member to add. 

    NEW: You now have the ability to add new members while in org chart view.  Click here to view instructions on adding members inline.

  6. When you are finished, click Create Role.

  7. To create the person reporting to your first role, hover over the Role that you just created, and you will see a + sign at the bottom of the box. Click on the + sign to add a subordinate.

  8. Once you have more than one role created, the subsequent roles will allow you to allow "colleagues" to the left or right of the role in addition to "subordinates" below. 

  9. Continue to add roles as necessary to complete your org chart.


Here's a quick video:


  • Only one (1) Org Chart is supported for free subscriptions.  To create more than one org chart, please upgrade your account by going to www.organimi.com/pricing
  • Should you wish to start over with your free account, you can do so by deleting your org chart.
  • You can also create a spreadsheet of your member roster with a Reports To or Boss ID field and import a Hierarchical Org Chart, which will automatically produce your org structure for you (saving you from performing the steps in this section: (3) Building an Org Chart).  Click here for more details on how to import a hierarchical org chart.


Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.  


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