(2) Adding Members to an Organization Roster

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

You are now ready for the second step towards creating your org chart, which is to populate your roster.

Within Organimi, there are 2 ways to add members to an organization roster:
   A.   Manually add roster members one at a time, or 
   B.   Import an existing list of names to the roster (CSV file).  


A. To Manually Add Roster Members One at a Time:

  1. Ensure that you have completed the first step:  (1) Creating an Organization.
  2. Click on Organization Roster in the left navigation pane. 

   3. Click the green Add Member button.  The New Roster Member dialog box appears. 
   4. Enter the team member's information and click the blue Create Member button at the bottom.

  5. Repeat steps 3. and 4. to continue adding members.
  6. Once you are finished adding members, advance to the final step (3) Building Your Org Chart.


B. To Import an Existing List of Names to the Roster:

In addition to manually adding team members one at a time, you have the option of importing your member roster from a CSV file that contains names and other pertinent org chart information.  

NOTE:  Review and complete the following checklist before you begin the import:


To Import a CSV file (Existing List of Names) to Your Roster:

  1. Click on the IMPORT icon at the top left of the screen.  

  2. From the Import Team List tab, select the option Employee Directory in Step b.

  3. In step c. select the Choose File button, then navigate to and select the CSV file.

  4. For step d. Select the column names…, the fields may automatically pre-fill detecting the column headings within your file. If they don't pre-fill click the Select a column drop-down that appears to choose an existing column name contained within the CSV file.

    Note: You may not make your own manual entry into the fields in step d.

  5. Click the green Begin Import button. 

  6. When the file has been uploaded, a pop up box will appear with the number of members found in the CSV file.  If it looks correct, click OK.

    An Import Successful message appears.

  7. Click View Organization Roster under Import Successful!, to view the roster you just imported.

    Note: You can also click on Organization Roster in the left navigation pane.

  8. As you have now added all the members, you can now advance to (3) Building Your Org Chart.


 Here is a quick video of how to import your member roster from a well-structured CSV file:



Once your CSV file has been imported, proceed to the final step (3) Building Your Org Chart.

Tip: If you have already completed (1) Creating an Organization, and you know the reporting relationships, you could advance to Importing a Hierarchical Org Chart, which will automatically generate the org chart for you!

Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.  

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