Creating Shared Roles in an Org Chart

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

Use the Shared role type for positions where there are multiple people in the same role (position), in the same reporting structure (branch).  The boxes of the Shared role appear stacked within a border frame.

To create a shared role:

  1. Go to the Org Chart where you wish to add the shared role.

  2. Hover over a role box, and click on the plus sign (+) where you wish to add the new Shared role.

The New Role dialog box appears (below).

3. Enter the Role Title, then click in the Role Type field and choose Shared from the drop down list.

4. In the Assign Members to Role field, type the first and last name you wish to add to the role,
    or, locate the name from the drop down. Click on the name in the drop down list.
    Continue to add more member names to this shared role as desired.

5. Click on Create Role.  

    Below the Shared Role type is assigned to four Software Engineers reporting to Jeremiah Johnston.

 The names appear in boxes adjacent to each other, with their title at the top.


Here is a quick video:


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