Importing a Collection of Photo Images

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

You can save time uploading a collection of all member's photos by performing a one time import! Also, by renaming each image to the corresponding email address of each member, then each member's picture will appear in the corresponding org chart box automatically after the import process (below) is completed.

NOTE: Before you upload images, place all of your image files into one distinct separate folder.  Also, your Organization Roster needs to be complete including names, and email addresses, etc.  To learn how to create a roster, please refer to this help article.  


To Import a Collection of Multiple Photo Images:

1. First navigate to the folder where the images (.png or .jpg files) are located.

 2. Rename each image file to the corresponding email address of the person in the Organization Roster.

 3. Navigate out of the folder and compress the folder into a zip file.

 4. Go to the organization in Organimi where you want to upload the images, and click the Import button.

 5. Click the Import Team Photos tab at the top.

6. In the Team Photos tab, scroll down, and click Browse.

 7. Navigate to the zip file. Then select the zip file and click Open (or double-click the zip file to select it).

8. Click the green Begin Import button.

You're done!  To learn how to change the size or location of each image of the org chart box (i.e. left side instead of the top of each role box) click here to view style options.

    From the org chart, you can easily switch to photoboard or directory view, which also contain the images.

Here's a quick video:


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