iFrame Embedding Org Charts

An iFrame (Inline Frame), allows you to embed content from another site inside your web page. Embed Organimi Org Charts into any web page by simply copying and pasting the iFrame embed code. Now, you may customize the iFrame embedded org chart, so that viewers can toggle to Photoboard or Directory view and also search, print, or export the org chart. 

To view an example of an embedded Organimi chart, click here.

To embed an org chart on any web page:

  1. Go to your org chart by clicking on Org Charts from the left navigation pane, and under the heading Name, click on the org chart you wish to embed.

  2. At the top of the org chart view, click on the Embed Code icon.

    The Embed Chart dialog box appears.

  3. For security purposes, and only if your org chart is set to Private, click in the field under Add urls to embed org chart for viewing and enter the desired URL / domain where you wish to embed your org chart (therefore, the embedded org chart will only be visible to 'authorized domains' listed in this field).

    For example, see the picture below, the url entered: http://www.organimi.com.

  4. Click the green Save Domain button to add the domain.

  5. Enable the Action Bar check box to give viewers of the embedded chart the ability to print, export, and share the chart.

  6. Enable the Search check box to allow users to search for roles within the chart.

  7. Set the default view to Chart, Photoboard, or Directory using the drop-down under Initial View.

  8. Click the Preview button to preview the chart according to selected embed settings.

  9. Close the Preview window by clicking the x in the top right corner.

  10. Click in the Embed Code field, then press Ctrl+A to select all the iFrame code.

  11. Click the blue Copy Embed Code button, to copy the code.

  12. When finished, click Close.

  13. Go to the destination webpage and paste the iFrame embed code you copied above to the desired location.

    Depending on the settings chosen, the viewer of the iFrame embedded chart can change the view to photoboard, directory, and also sort, search, print, export, and share the chart.


Click here to learn more about setting the access permissions of your chart.


Here's a quick video on how to enter a url, change settings, locate the iFrame embed code of the chart, and preview the embedded chart:




Note: Populating the Add urls to embed org chart for viewing field is not required if your org chart is set to Public.  IFrame embedding is a paid plan feature.


Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.


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