Adding Data to Custom Fields in Organimi

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

Once you have created a custom field in Organimi, you can now add data to the new custom field.

There are two ways to add data to custom fields:

A. Add custom field data manually one entry at a time, or
B. Add custom field data by importing a CSV file.


A. To add custom field data manually one entry at a time:

  1. Click on Organization Roster on the left navigation pane, then click on the name of the first person to whom you wish to add data. A page displays with an edit button at the top.

  2. Click the Edit button  at the top left.

  3. The Edit Roster Member dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the data into the appropriate field(s).

  5. Click Save Member.

  6. Repeat these steps to continue to add data to each member of the Organization roster.

Click here to watch a video.



B. To add the custom field data to a CSV file, then import the file:

  1. Open the CSV file (or Excel spreadsheet), and add the custom field names to the file as new columns. Enter the column headings using the same name as the corresponding custom field name.
  2. Fill in the appropriate information in the new custom field data column for each person.

3. Save and close the CSV file. To learn how to save in a CSV file format, click here.

4. Click the orange Import button at the top left.

5. On the File Import page, select the option Member Roster in Step b.

6. Enter the column heading names (case sensitive) as they appear in the CSV file to match the corresponding Organimi field names. 

7. Select Browse, then navigate to and double-click the CSV file to select it.

8. Click the green Begin Import button.

9. A window appears with the number of members found in the CSV file. If it looks correct, click OK.


Here's a quick video:


For more ideas on custom fields, click here for an article, and scroll down to view a list.  

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