Tips for Importing an Excel CSV File

Here are a few things to check when importing a CSV file:

  • While doing the import, make sure the column names you are prompted to type in match exactly the column names (column headings) on your CSV file. 

  • You must have an Organization created before you can import our CSV file. Click here to learn how to create an organization in Organimi.

  • When importing a Hierarchical Organization Chart, the csv file must contain a Member ID column, and Boss ID column. The Boss ID is the member number for the person to which the member reports.  In addition, the Boss ID for the top most role (i.e. the President/CEO) must be left blank.

  • It is very important that the first three columns of the CSV file be in the order of: ID, First Name and Last Name.  Following these 3 columns, a typical csv file would contain the columns: Email, Description, Role, Boss ID, and Phone.


Here is an example of a typical csv file with the field columns in the correct order:

Notice that the Boss ID for Abigail Armstrong in column G is left blank.

Saving an Excel File as a csv file entails using File, Save As, and then choosing the file type:
CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

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