Adding an Assistant Role to an Org Chart

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

When adding an assistant, you are adding a subordinate with the role type Assistant

To add an Assistant role to an org chart:

  1. Click on Org Charts in the left navigation pane. Select the name of the org chart to open it.

  2. Hover over the bottom of the role box where you wish to add the Assistant and click the + sign which appears with Add subordinate.

A new role dialog box appears (below).

3. In the New Role dialog box, click in the Role Title field, and enter a title, i.e. Executive Assistant.

4. Click in the Role Type field, and choose Assistant from the drop down list that appears.

5. In the Assign Members To Role field, type a first and last name, or find a name using the drop down.
   Click on the name in the drop down list.

6. Click the blue Create Role button at the bottom.

 A new Assistant role box is added to the org chart. 


Here is a quick video:

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