Exporting an Org Chart

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

You may wish to export all or an abbreviated / customized org chart with only certain branch(es). You can also choose to export certain levels. Note: This is a paid plan feature. 

 To export an org chart to PDF, PNG or CSV:

 1. First navigate to the Organizational Chart you wish to export, then click the Export button. 

The Export dialog box appears:

2. Under Top role for Subchart [Optional], click in the Type role of subchart... field. Begin to type the role title, and suggested role titles appear. Select the desired role from the drop down list.

Everyone beneath that role will be exported.

3. Under # of levels to export, enter the number of levels, or use the spin box to modify the # of levels.

4. Under File Type, select the option desired:  PDF, PNG or CSV. 

Tip: PDF is great for printing to paper and PNG is suited for displaying the Organizational Chart in Word, PowerPoint or on a website. Choose CSV to export a roster.

5. Finally, click the green Download Chart button.

6. A Generating Export window appears with a progress bar. Please wait until it finishes.

7. When the File ready for download message appears, click Download File.

8. At the bottom of the screen, a message appears prompting you with a Chart.pdf button. Click Chart.pdf, then you can print, or click the Save As / Download option displayed. To save, choose a location and enter a filename for the pdf. Click Save.

9. Click Done to close the Generating Export window. 


Tips for Large Charts:

In most cases when you have a very large chart but you only wish to download a specific team or department into a PDF or if your chart is very wide to fit into one page, you can download multiple sub charts as PDF files to print individually.

Another option is to download the entire chart (without downloading individual sub charts) and utilizing 'Poster Print' in Adobe PDF to paginate them when printing:


For additions such as Logo and Organization name, use Print  in step 1 instead of Export.

Note:  As PDF's don't automatically break across pages where you expect them to, for more pagination options with larger charts click the Print icon, then the Separated option for printing.

Here's a quick video:



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