Dragging and Dropping Roles

Click here if you are using the new Organimi version 5.

You can click and drag the role or department you wish to move to a new position, then drop it where you want! Options appear to move the individual role or to move role with children.

To drag a role box to a new location:

  1. Hover the mouse over the role box you wish to move and wait to see a four-headed arrow.

  2. Click on the role box and drag it to the new desired position. For example, if you want the box move to be a subordinate to the VP, then drag over the + sign at the bottom of the VP role box.

  3. When you release the mouse button, a message appears:

Click the Move button to move only the one role. Click Move Role with Children to move the role with all of the hierarchy branches below it as well. 

Note: You can also create a department first, and then drag role boxes into the department.


Here is a quick video:


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