How to copy or move a section of my chart to its own separate chart?


Q. How can I create, copy or move a sub-chart to its own separate



A. Click the Role Actions button (3 dots) on the most senior role box of the division/branch that you wish to move to a new chart, then click Move to new chart


Follow these step-by-step instructions to copy or move a section (division, branch, department, etc.)  of your org chart to its own separate chart.  


  1. From your organization's dashboard, open the org chart containing the role you wish to copy or move.
  2. Click the Role Actions button (three dots), next to the role that you wish to move. 



                              mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.




    3.  Select Copy/Move to new chart.


         This role and all others beneath it become a new chart on its own.

                              mceclip2.png  The Copy / move to a new chart screen appears.





                Note: The                

                         .  Copy sub-chart radio button copies the portion of the chart under that


                         .  Move sub-Chart radio button moves the portion of the chart to one side

                            of the original chart. 


        4.  In the Insert Chart link after move checkbox, put a checkmark to add the Chart Link Role

             to the new chart. If unchecked, it removes the entire portion of the sub chart.

        5.  Click the More Options button to customize your chart.



                                      mceclip2.png  A new Copy Chart pop-up window appears with menu options.




                   a. Put a checkmark in checkboxes for features that you wish to add to your chart or

                       uncheck options that you do not want to appear on your chart.

                    b. Click the Move Sub-Chart button to save your changes.

                    c. If you do not wish to customize your chart, click the Cancel button to go back

                        to the previous screen.

          5.  Click the Move Sub-Chart button to move your org chart with default options.



                        mceclip2.png  In the main chart, the division is replaced by an embedded chart icon.






You can jump to the (embedded) separate sub-chart at any time by hovering the mouse over the embedded role, and clicking the Go to Chart button that appears.



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