How can I move a division/branch to its own separate chart?

Q. How can I move a division, branch, or sub-chart to its own separate chart? 

Suppose you have a sub-chart (branch) within your org chart and you wish to have it moved to its own separate chart.  

A. Click the Role Actions button (3 dots) on the most senior role box of the division/branch that you wish to move to a new chart, then click Move to new chart



A confirmation message appears:

Click the button Move to New Chart.

Note: This role and all others beneath it become a new chart on its own, and can be viewed in the main Organimi screen (click the Organimi logo at the top left to view all of your org charts). 

In the main chart, the division is replaced by an embedded chart icon as displayed below:

You can jump to the (embedded) separate sub-chart at any time by hovering the mouse over the embedded role, and then click the Go to Chart button that appears.

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