Adding an Additional Account Owner

If you are the current license holder or an owner on the Organimi account license already, you can add additional account owner(s).
Account Owners have special permissions/rights to do the following:
  • Can modify the license
  • Can add further organizations under the same license
  • Can invite/add additional administrators
Here is how to add an additional account owner: 
  1. Ensure you are a current license holder or an owner on the account license.

  2. Select your name in the top right corner, then click My Account/ Profile.

  3. Select Account Owners at the left. Under Add account owner, enter the email address of the person you wish to add as an Account Owner, then click the Invite Owner button at the bottom.

  4. A confirmation message appears.

    Click Confirm New Account Owner to make the person an Account Owner, or click Cancel to cancel adding the new Account Owner.

    An email invitation is sent to the new Account Owner, and the email address appears under Pending Acceptance in the dialog box. Close the dialog box by clicking the X.

  5. The invitee receives an email invitation to become an Account Owner. Once the invited user accepts the invite, they then become an owner and have Account Owner status within the account.
Here's a quick video:
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