Populating The LinkedIn Profile Picture


You may wish to include in your Role boxes a LinkedIn photo or clickable link that takes you to the member's LinkedIn profile.

This article will show you how to add a picture or link to a member's LinkedIn profile. 

  1. Open the org chart that contains the member.
  2. Hover the mouse over the role box.



   3. Click the Role actions icon.


                      mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.



   4.  Select Edit Role.  

                        mceclip2.png  The Edit Role screen appears.



         Note: To access a member's Linkedin profile, click the Connect button or type the URL in the

                    Linkedin URL field.


        5.  Click the Connect button. 


                                      mceclip2.png  The Search Images screen appears.


          a. Type the name in the search field, and also enter the company name if the person for whom you

              are searching does not immediately appear. 

          b. Click the SEARCH button.

          c.  Double-click the tile of the matching person to connect their LinkedIn profile.


                                                  mceclip2.png  A dialog box appears.                    

          6. Click Yes to confirm the replacement.  (You can later change the photo if you like.)

                          Note: If the individual's LinkedIn profile is set to private, you may not be successful in

                                     searching for the person's profile and picture.

          7. Click the Save button.


                            mceclip2.png  The member's role box appears with the in icon:



                8.  To view the LinkedIn profile, click the LinkedIn icon.


                          Note: The link (url) for the LinkedIn profile link is also viewable if you choose to edit a

                                     member from the Roster list.




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