Creating Co-CEOs

If your company has two CEOs (or multiple top roles), you may wish to display two Co-CEOs at the top of your org chart close together. When two or more people hold the same job title with parallel roles reporting to the same person (or if they report to no one as in co-owners), we call this a "Shared" role type.

Here's how to add the second (Co-CEO) in your chart, where they are together stacked vertically one on top of the other (scroll down to see a picture of how the end result will appear):

Note: If you wish the Co-CEOs to appear horizontally side-by-side and parallel in-line, click here for the instructions.

  1. Navigate to the org chart where you wish to add another Co-CEO.

  2. If you already have one CEO displayed, hover the mouse over the CEO role box.

    Then, click Role Actions (the button with the 3 dots). 

    From the menu that appears, click Edit Role.

    The New Role dialog box appears, then continue to step 3.

    Or, click the + sign where you wish to add the new Co-CEOs role, then skip to step 4.

  3. Select Change role type at the bottom of the dialog box. 

    The Edit Role dialog box appears.

  4. Click Shared

    The Edit Role dialog box appears.

  5. Under Members, begin to enter the name of the Co-CEO. When the name begins to autocomplete, click on the name that appears just below the field to select it and add it to the role. Continue to add more names into the field if there are more Co-CEOs.

  6. Change the Role Title as desired (i.e. Co-CEO). Click Save

    The new shared Co-CEO role appears with both names in the role:

    The Organizational Chart will re-organize under the new Shared Co-CEO Top Role you just created.

Note: If you wish for the two Co-CEO's to appear in the same line, horizontally, click here for instructions. 

Here's a quick video:


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    Sunium BV

    That last comment is a little misleading:

    "Note: If you wish for the two Co-CEO's to appear in the same line, horizontally, click here for instructions."

    The link goes to setting up the organisation as two single's. What I'm looking for is still the shared role like this post, but then featured horizontally so that it does not give the illusion of a hierarchy between CEO's. 

    In essence, the line down needs to come from the line in between the CEO's. Is that possible at all?

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