Creating Co-CEOs


If your company has two CEOs or multiple top roles, you may wish to display two Co-CEOs at the top of your Org Chart.

When two or more people hold the same job title with parallel roles and reporting to the same person, or if they report to no one as in co-owners, we call this a Shared role type.

In this article, we will walk you step-by-step through adding a Shared role. In this instance, we will add a  Co-CEO. The roles will be stacked vertically one on top of the other. 



Note: If you wish the Co-CEOs to appear horizontally, side-by-side, and parallel in-line see, How do I add multiple top roles to an org chart?.


  1. Open the Org Chart where you wish to add another Co-CEO.
  2. If you already have one CEO, hover the mouse over the CEO's role box.
  3. Click the Role Actions button. (3 vertical dots) 




                              mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.



    4. Select Edit Role.


                             The Edit Role screen appears.



                  a. In the Select Role Type field, click the down arrow.

                  b. Select Shared


          c. In the Search for existing members field, type the name of the member and hit Enter.
          d. Click the Save button.

                           The new shared Co-CEO roles appear.





Here's a quick video:




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