How do I make a confidential org chart?

Q.  Is there a way to build a confidential org chart? One of our Executives has to make a hypothetical org chart for a proposal. The Executive does not want any other organization account users to see it.

A.  FYI, by default, the org charts you create are private to the administrators listed on the organization's Organimi account, and anyone they choose to share the chart with directly. 

So you wrote in your question that the Executive is sharing an Organimi account with other specific organization users (or admin people) and now he/she wants to make one particular chart private and confidential which will be for the Executive's eyes only. Unfortunately, we do not have this feature or capability at the moment, however, this would be an item for future development. What the Executive can do for now is create a separate new account using a different email address and password.

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