How to I prevent the photos from being displayed in my org chart? v5

Q. How do I prevent the photos from being displayed in my org chart?  

A. You can create a custom chart format that does not display the photos in your org chart.

  1. Click on the Chart Formats button A to create a new custom chart format.

  2. Click New Format.

  3. In the Photo Properties section, click to disable the Show Photo checkbox.

    Change other options as desired.

  4. At the bottom of the dialog box, give the chart format a name, i.e. No Photo.

  5. Click Save Format.

  6. The new custom chart format is automatically applied, and the chart appears without photos in the roles.

Note: To display the photos again, click the Chart Formats A button, and apply the format which has the picture enabled, or edit your existing chart format, and enable the Show Photo checkbox.

Click here to learn how to add or remove custom fields from your chart format.

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