How To Not Display Photos In My Org Chart?


Q.  How do I prevent photos from being displayed in my Org Chart?  

A. Click the Format Your Charts icon (A)  and Toggle off the photos. 


  1. Open the Org Chart in which you do not want photos to appear.
  2. Click the Format Your Chart icon mceclip0.png

               mceclip1.png  The Format Your Chart screen appears.




        3.  There are two (2) ways to stop photos from appearing on your Chart:

                 Click the Member: Photo slider to disable it

                .   Click the Advanced Formatting link

                  mceclip1.png  The Edit Format screen appears.



        4.  Click the Show Photo checkbox to remove the checkmark.
        5.  Click the SAVE FORMAT button to save your changes.


                 mceclip1.png  The chart appears without photos.




For step by step instructions see on how to add or remove custom fields from your chart see, Creating A Custom Format With Custom Fields.


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