How do I see all of my org chart in one view​?

Question: How do I see the whole of my org chart in one view, so I can navigate through the entire org chart, with all the embedded charts and their content visible together?

Answer: When you embed a sub-chart into the parent chart, such as a division (i.e. the Sales Division), then the embedded chart appears as an icon. Hover over the embedded chart icon, then click the "Visit Chart" option which navigates you to the embedded sub-chart page. It is not expandable within the larger parent chart view. Click the browser "back" button to return back to the previous page (the full view of the parent chart with the embedded division icon). Refresh if required. If you wish to see all of the members of the division (instead of an embedded icon) in the parent chart, an alternative to embedding is to copy the parent chart, and then use the "department grouping" feature (instead of embedding) which will display all of the members of the division. This will place a border around the division roles with the title of the division at the top of the grouping.

Click here to read the help article on creating a department grouping.  Note: The grouped division can be collapsed at any time, by clicking on the collapse option visible by mousing over the top box.

You can also collapse or expand levels, and change your view of a large chart by hovering over the brown Collapse Options icon, in the top right corner. 

Choose one of the Collapse Options that appear:

  • Collapse to top 3 levels
  • Collapse Departments
  • Expand All Roles

Once the chart is collapsed to display the top three levels, the number of hidden members below a role appears in blue at the bottom of the box, and a clickable grey round "expand" node appears (shown outlined in the yellow circle below) that allows you to expand and view that one branch/section.


You may collapse a single branch/section, by hovering over a role box, and clicking on the collapse option that appears (highlighted below).

Note: In addition, the Shared Role feature will allow you to show a grouping of members in the same position, with a border around the members and title at the top.


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