How can I adjust my page size?

Q. How do I adjust my page size for printing?

A. To adjust the page size:

  1. Click the Print button on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

  2. From the Options pane at the left, select a  Page Size from the drop-down, and for the # of Pages, choose if you would like the entire chart on a Single Page, or spread over Multiple Pages.  

    Note: A0 is the largest size. 

    Under # of Pages, if you changed the option from Single Page to Multiple Pages, then under More Options, choose how you wish to Break Pages By Levels or Departments.

  3. Under More Options, scroll down to view the options for selecting the number of levels, or enter the name of the top role for the subchart you wish to print.

  4. Then click Print Now and follow the prompts to print.

    - OR -

 1. Alternatively, click the Export button from the toolbar at the top.

 2. Choose to generate a PDF or a PNG file which will be sized to match the size of the chart. 

3. Print the PDF or PNG, then select Prepare File for Download.

4. When prompted, click Save.

5. Launch the pdf or png file, then click Print. Choose the printer, and desired paper size from the print options.


Tip: Try modifying the settings in the Options panel at the left to get the desired look of your printed chart. 


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