Uploading Large Charts? What we recommend.

Organimi does support large charts but we suggest breaking the chart down into multiple sub-charts as a best practice. 

Managing a single chart with 1,000 nodes will difficult. Below we lay out some best practices based on how our customers have done it. 

The best approach is to break down the CSV into individual CSV files with 150 members.

This gives you the ability to create individual charts based on the CSV files and also add individual administrators or share each chart individually via a URL or iFrame.


Common approaches for breaking down a larger CSV file into smaller manageable CSV files are:

1. Break down the CSV file by department.

2. Break down the CSV file by location.

3. Break down the CSV file by functional and executive groups.

4. Break down by department and then break down by sub-teams (Demand Generation, Corporate Marketing) that can live (embedded) within each department.

The sub-charts you create based on the ideas above, may be embedded into a larger corporate chart using the embedded charts feature. 


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