Integration with LinkedIn

By popular demand, there is now an easy way to connect your Organimi members to their LinkedIn profiles, to get a better picture of the people in your organization, their expertise, and connections. Leverage your talent and stay current, creating insights for sales and providing smart business intelligence. 

Reveal greater possibilities in your organization:  

  • Combine your organization-wide people data – such as project lists, key notes, activities, and profiles, and transform it into relationship intelligence.
  • Understand the complex connections between people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise.
  • Use those insights (also with your clients org charts in view) to increase loyalty, cross-sell more successfully, maximize referrals, market more effectively and, as a result, grow revenue.

To Connect to LinkedIn profiles within Organimi:

  1. Login to Organimi at

    Note: On a separate web page, login to your own LinkedIn account.

  2. In Organimi, click on Organization Roster from the left navigation pane.

    A list of all of your organization's members appears.

  3. Click on the LinkedIn "in" button of the person to whom you wish to connect to a LinkedIn profile.

    If you are not already logged into LinkedIn, then you may be prompted to log in.

  4. If there is more than one person in LinkedIn by that name, then select the desired person from the list that appears.

    Tip: Enter the organization name in the top search field if you do not see the desired person.

You are taken back to the Organization Roster. The clickable "in" icon turns blue (see below).

5. Click Org Charts in the left navigation pane, and choose the desired org chart you wish to view. 

The org chart appears with the blue LinkedIn button on the role box:

6. The member has been updated with a clickable blue Linkedin icon, which takes you to their profile.

Note: You can also add the LinkedIn profile link in org chart view while editing a role box. Here are some help articles on working with custom fields and custom views to assist you in displaying key information that you may wish to display in your org chart(s).

Here is a quick video showing how to add the LinkedIn profile to a member:


Read about this new integration as described in our company blog.

Click here to find out how modelling your client org charts can increase sales performance.


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