How can I export my Outlook contacts on a Mac to a CSV file?

Q: I am having difficulty exporting my contacts from MS Outlook and importing them into Organimi.  I am using Office 365 on a MAC and the only file extension is am able to export is .olm. How do I convert the contacts to a .csv file?

A: This link to a Mac help site provides instructions for exporting contacts from a Mac: . It explains how to export contacts into a csv file or excel, so that they can be imported into Organimi. 


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    GoFuck Yourself

    You're overlooking the beauty of the Office 365. I ran into this with a client recently. If you need your Mac Outlook contacts exported to a .csv file, the easiest, (free) way is to log into with your Office 365 account, click the Outlook app, click the contacts at the bottom, ( the two people icon, third from left) and then click "manage" at the top of the contacts page. Clicking manage then lets you import or export.  If you choose export, it's automatically exported as a .csv file. 

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