What is the difference between the Personal and Planner accounts?

Are you uncovering all of the possible cross-selling opportunities?  Do you want to gain insight into who the key decision makers are, and keep track of how your client functions in an organized model? Achieve sales greatness by using Organimi as the ultimate sales tool.

Breakout Sales Achieved Using the Planner Account

The Sales Professional uses the Planner account to create better visibility into their sales accounts.

“In sales getting access to "org charts" is the gold standard of engagement because it helps sales reps better execute on their account management strategies.” - Dave Stein

Create your own org charts, by easily connecting the organization members to LinkedIn profiles, and mapping out your own corporate client structures. Identify key decision makers, influencers, and use these insights to increase loyalty, cross-sell more successfully, maximize referrals, market more effectively and, as a result, grow revenue.  

The Planner Account allows for:

  • 50 org charts
  • 100 members per organization

You can also use your org chart to keep track of valuable client information in custom views.


The Personal Account can be used for an organization with up to 250 members.

The Personal Account allows for:

  • 1 Organization
  • 5 Org Charts
  • Total 250 members

For a complete list of the descriptions of each plan, please click here.  

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Which plan should I get if I have many divisions?

Q:  My company has numerous business divisions, so I would want to break those out and show they roll up. Which would be the best plan for me...Personal or Planner?

A:  The best way to do this is probably to do it in a single organization with an Org Chart for each of the divisions and or departments that you want to model.  You can then create a top level Org Chart that “embeds” each of the divisional Org Charts.  

Note: The Marketing and Finance divisions above are 'clickable' embedded org charts.

With the Personal Account, you get:

  • 1 Organization
  • 5 Org Charts
  • Total 250 members

With the Planner Account, you technically get 100 members per organization, and can have 50 org charts.

Therefore, if you require more than 5 org charts, you should go with Planner.

For a complete list of the descriptions of each plan, please click here.  Also help center articles for more ideas and descriptions about creating embedded charts or departmental groupings, etc. are here.

If none of these plan options seems to fit exactly what you require, please feel free to contact us at help@organimi.com to provide more details for a custom solution.

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