Creating An Org Chart By Importing Data


In this article, you will follow step-by-step instructions to create an Org Chart by importing data. The result is an automatically generated Org Chart! 


Here's a quick video: 




  1. Prepare a well-structured Excel or CSV file.  For details see, Creating an Excel / CSV File for Import.
  2. To create a Hierarchical Org Chart, the Excel / CSV file must contain these columns (in any order):

                     .  ID

                     .  First Name

                     .  Last Name

     3. Create a Boss ID column that outlines reporting relationships based on ID's. 

     4. Leave the Boss ID for the topmost role (i.e. CEO) blank.


                        mceclip2.png  A sample CSV file with ID and Boss ID columns.



   5.  From your organization's dashboard, click the BULK IMPORT button.



                         mceclip2.png  The Import Members and Roles screen appears.




                      a. Click the Roster + Chart button.

                      b. Click Import a new chart.

                      c. Drag and Drop the Excel/CSV file into the grey box or click the gray tile to select the file

                          from your computer.

                Note: If you are importing a CSV file containing special characters or symbols with encoding, 

                           click, Select file encoding >>ISO-8859-1.



                         d. Click the Next button. 

                                   mceclip2.png  The Review Members and Roles screen appears.




                      a. Review and select all Column names that match the corresponding field data names.

                  Note: If you have added additional columns to your Excel/.csv file, you are then asked if you

           wish to add them as custom fields. For details see, Importing A CSV/Excel File With Custom


                b.. Click the Next button.



                                   mceclip2.png  The Finish Members and Roles screen appears.




6. Click the Finish button.


            mceclip2.png  Your Org Chart appears with a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen.


Note: The Org Chart is named Import with the date and time the Excel / CSV file was imported.  You can change the name to something meaningful. For details see, Changing The Name Of An Org Chart.


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