Sharing A Public Link To View An Org Chart

By default, an organizational chart you create is set to Private. You can change the accessibility setting to Public, and then send a public link to your colleagues and friends without requiring them to create an Organimi account. Anyone that has the link can view the chart.



Recipients of the public link can only view, not edit the org chart. 


  1. Open the org chart you wish to share with a link.
  2. At the top of the org chart view, click the Settings icon.  


                     mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.



       3. Select Chart Settings.


                         mceclip2.png  The Chart Property screen appears.




           a.  Select Chart Permissions.

           b.  Click the Public radio button.

           c.  In the pop-up message that appears, click the SAVE AS PUBLIC button.


                         mceclip2.png  The Public Settings and Public URL options appear.




       4.  Click the GENERATE PUBLIC LINK button.


                          mceclip2.png  The Share Chart dialog screen appears.




           a.  Click the Select Share Options link to set up how the chart should look when first viewed,

                and which tools you would like to be available to the recipient.

                  b.  Click the Copy URL to Clipboard link to save the URL. You can paste that link into an email.

                  c.   Type email addresses of persons to whom you wish to send the link.

                  d.  Add a customized message.

                  e.  Click SEND PUBLIC LINK.



Anyone who receives this public link can view the org chart. Depending on the user access tools you chose, recipients may also be able to toggle the view, print, or export the information to pdf, png, or a CSV file.


Here's an example of the email the recipient will receive containing the public link



For other ways to share your chart see, Multiple Chart Sharing Options.



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