Sharing an Org Chart with Other People v5

By default, an org chart is set to Private accessibility, however, you can choose to share an org chart with select individuals by inviting them via email to create an Organimi account and giving them the ability to view only, or edit your charts.  

Note that in a paid account, you also have the option to share your org charts via URL link or iFrame embed without requiring users to create an Organimi account.  Click here for details.

To share your org chart:

  1. Click the name of the org chart you wish to share to open it.

  2. At the top of the org chart view, click on the Share & Embed icon. 

  3. From the menu that appears, click Share.

  4. Choose the desired options for how the chart should look when first viewed, and which tools will be available. Click Next.

  5. In the Share Chart dialog box, under Add Emails to share your chart with, enter the desired email address, choose Can View, or Can Edit from the drop-down, then press Enter.

    Once you press Enter, the email address appears to the right under "Ready to invite to chart". 

6. Click the blue Share button at the bottom.

An email will automatically be sent to the person you invited to view/edit your org chart. Below is an example of the email the recipient will receive:  

The email recipient can click Accept invitation, sign in to their Organimi account (or register for an account if they don't yet have one), then view or edit the org chart depending on the permissions you provided.  

Here's a quick video:



Note: To email a public link that would be viewable by anyone and without having to log in to Organimi, read about sharing a public link, available in a paid plan.


If you wish to share ALL of your org charts with someone and give them full editing rights (except for deleting an org chart) you may wish to consider adding an Administrator to your org chart.


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