Receiving An Invitation To View / Edit An Org Chart


With one click, using social media sign-in buttons, you can sign in to your Organimi account or view an org chart that was shared with you!



You do not need an Organimi account to accept an invitation to view an org chart that was shared with you.


When someone shares their org chart with you, you receive an email invitation.  After clicking the Accept Invitation link in the email, the system checks if you have an account.


If you have an account, the login page appears and you can log in OR the chart appears if you are already logged in.


If you do not have an account, the Accept Invitation page appears. After clicking the ACCEPT INVITATION button, you can view the org chart. 





  1. Click the name of the org chart that was shared with you to open it
  2. You can view or edit the chart depending on your access permissions.






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