Adding an Administrator v5

If you are the Owner of an org chart, you may wish to add an Administrator to make changes to your org chart. An Administrator has the same rights as Owner, except the Administrator cannot delete the org chart or organization, and also cannot add other Administrators.


To add an administrator in Organimi:

  1. Login to Organimi at, or if you are already logged in, click on the Organimi logo at the top left. 

    This will navigate you to the first screen.

  2. Click Settings.

    The Organization Profile window appears.

  3. Choose Administrators at the left, then click Add New Admin

  4. Enter the email address of the person you wish to add as an Administrator, then click Save & Add.

    Notice the new email address is now listed on the screen.

    A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the screen:

  5. Continue to add more Administrators as desired.

    Note: The Administrator receives an automatic email invitation with a link to login to Organimi to access to the chart. The email which the new administrator receives, appears as below:

  6. The newly designated Administrator must log in with their email address and Organimi password. 

    Note: To remove an administrator, click Settings, then Administrators, and click the trash can button to the right of the administrator's email address. 

Here is a quick video depicting how to add an Administrator:



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