Printing the Full Chart or Custom Chart Parts v5

NOTE: The print options are paid subscription features.  Upgrade your subscription to print your org chart by visiting As a suggestion, print your chart to pdf first to see how it will appear based on the settings you choose.

To print an org chart:

  1. Login to your Organimi account at

  2. Within the organization name, click on the chart you wish to print.

  3. From the top toolbar, select the Print icon.

  4. Choose the desired settings from the Options pane at the left.

     5. Read the window of instructions that appears:


    6. Click the blue Prepare for Print button.

         The following Print Chart window appears:


    7. Click the green Save/Open for Print button.

    8. Click the .pdf file that appears (in the bottom left corner) to launch the file.

  Note: Follow the prompts to open the pdf. If required, repeat steps 3. to 6. and try changing the print
  options to achieve the desired result. 

  Here is an example of a resulting pdf image:







Here's a quick video:




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