Creating A Department Role Type

Use the Department role type to display a department name in a role box under department members.


This article has three sections:


Adding A Department Role

  1. Go to the org chart where you wish to add the department role.

  2. Hover over a role box, and click the plus sign (+) where you wish to add the new Department role.

                  mceclip2.png  The New Role dialog box then appears.



      When creating a department, after all members have been created, add the Department role

       above the top-level member of the department. 


  1. From the role type drop-down, select the Role Type: Department.

  2. Under Role Title, enter the name of the department, i.e. Marketing.  

  3. Choose a role color as desired, then click the Apply to Subchart slider to apply the color to the subchart.

  4. Click the blue Save button. 

                   mceclip2.png  The New Role dialog box then appears. A department role box appears at the top of the

                       tree branch to distinguish the department.

5.   Continue to add more Single or other members under the department role box.

 Adding A Border Around A Department 

  1. If you wish to have a border appear around the department, click Settings, Chart Settings.

  2. Choose the Chart Display tab at the left, and enable Show Border around Departments.

  3. Click Save.



Automatically Building Department Roles

  1. Go to the org chart where you wish to add the department role.
  2. Click the Import Data & Photos Icon. mceclip0.png


                          mceclip2.png  The Import Members and Roles screen appears.




       a.  Click the List of People OR Roster + Chart icon.

       b.  Drag and drop a CSV file into the grey area. For details see,

           Creating An Excel or CSV File for  Import.

      c.   Click the NEXT button.





3.  Click the Show Advanced Options link.



                    a.  Put a checkmark in the Automatically Build Department Roles checkbox.

                    b.  Click the down arrow to select the Department field.

                    c.  Click the NEXT button.




       4.  Click the FINISH button.




      5. Drag and drop members into your role type.





Here is a quick video on how to create the Department Role Type:



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