Adding Dotted Line Reporting v5

You can add a role box that reports to a position (role), and then also has a dotted line reporting relationship to a different position (role).

To add dotted line reporting to a box:

  1. Navigate to the Org Chart where you wish to add the new role.

  2. Hover over a role box, and click on the plus sign (+) where you wish to add the new role box.
    Alternatively, click the role actions button (3 dots) then click edit role.


        The New Role dialog box appears (below).

3. Select the new role type.

4. Enter the Role Title (the title of the position) in the first field, etc.

5. Click More Fields to expand the dialog box in order to view the Dotted Reports field.


6.  Under Dotted Reports, enter the role (job) title of the role to which this member has a dotted line reporting relationship. Click the title as it autocompletes just below the field, then click the Save button.



Here's a quick video:



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