Assigning a Member to a Role Box in an Org Chart

Organimi org charts are role-based, therefore you can set up the role structure and assign the members to the role. 

You may have created a role box in your org chart without assigning a member's name. Here's how to assign a member name to the org chart box.

To Assign a Member to a Role in an Org Chart:

  1. Navigate to the name of the org chart you wish to edit. For instructions on how to add a new org chart, click here.

  2. Hover over the role to which you wish to assign the name. Click Edit Role.

  3. In the Members, Search roster to attach member field, and begin to type the name of the member. Click the name from the drop-down list to choose it.

    If this is a "new" member (not currently in the roster), then you will see an orange "New" to the right of the name (see below).


     4. Click on the name with NEW beside it, to add the name and assign it to the role. 

     5. Click the blue Save button at the bottom.
Alternatively, if the person is located in the roster, then drag the person's name from the Roster panel at the left, on top of the role box to which you wish to assign the person.

The name of the member is now added and assigned to the Role box on your chart.

Here is a quick video:


To Import a Member Roster all at Once:  If you don't want to manually add a team member one at a time, you have the option of importing your member roster into Organimi.  To import a member list, your file must be in CSV format.  

Click here for instructions on import your Member Roster from a CSV File


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