Assigning A Member To A Role Box


Organimi org charts are role-based, therefore you can set up the role structure, then assign members to the role. 

You may have created a role box in your org chart without assigning a member's name. Here's how to assign a member name to the role box.


  1. Open the org chart that you wish to edit. For instructions on how to create a new org chart see, Building Your Org Chart.
  2. Hover the mouse over the role box to which you wish to assign a name.



     3. Click the Role actions icon.


                      mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.



      4.  Select Edit Role.  

                        mceclip2.png  The Edit Role screen appears.


                             a. In the Assign Members section, type the name of the member in the search box or                                    drag and drop the member from the Roster to the role box.

                              b. If the member is not in the Roster, click the New button in the drop-down screen to                                    add the member. 



                              c. Click the Save button.

The name of the member is now added and assigned to the Role box.


Here is a quick video:



Note: To import your entire member Roster into your org chart, create a CSV/Excel file and upload it to immediately populate your chart.  For instructions see, Importing An Employee Roster.



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