Creating A Shared Role Type


Use the Shared role type for positions where there are multiple people in the same role (position), in the same reporting structure (branch).  

Shared role boxes appear stacked and within a bordered frame.




  1. Go to the Org Chart where you wish to add the shared role.
  2. Hover your mouse over the role box.
  3. Click the plus sign (+).



                         The Add Role screen appears.



             a. In the Select Role Type field, click the dropdown arrow.

             b. Select Shared.



                 c. In the Role Title field, type the name of the role.

                 d. In the Search for existing members field, type the member name and press Enter.

                 e. In the #of Expected Members field, type the number of expected members in the shared

                     role. (Optional). A numeric value.

        f. Click the Save button.



                                       The names appear in boxes adjacent to each other, with a border frame

                                         surrounding the roles.







Here is a quick video:



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