Dragging and Dropping Roles

You can click and drag the role or department you wish to move to a new position, then drop it where you want! Options appear to move the individual role or to move role with children.

To drag a role box to a new location:

  1. Hover the mouse over the role box you wish to move and wait to see a four-headed arrow.

  2. Click on the four-headed arrow of the role box and drag it to the new desired position. For example, if you want the box move to be a subordinate to the VP, then drag over the + sign at the bottom of the VP role box.

  3. When you release the mouse button, a message appears: Add colleague below, or Add colleague right, etc.

Click the Move button to move only the one role. Click Move Role with Children to move the role with all of the hierarchy branches below it as well.  

Tip: For roles horizontally stacked - if you have roles A, C, D, B and you'd like to rearrange them, you would Drag 'B' and drop it to the left of 'C' or the right of 'A'. If the roles are vertically stacked, you would still need to rearrange them above as per the horizontal order. 

Note: You can also create a department first, and then drag role boxes into the department.


Here is a quick video:


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