Creating a Custom Format with Custom Fields v5

Once you have created your custom fields and added data to the custom fields, you can display this information in a custom view. 

To display custom data fields on your org chart:

  1. Navigate to your Org Chart.

  2. With your org chart displayed, click on the Chart Formats icon: A.

  3. In the List of formats dialog box, click New Format, or click the 3 dots and choose Edit Format.

  4. Depending on the number of fields you are choosing to display on your org chart, you may wish to change the size of the box by adjusting the Width and Height of the box under Card Properties.

    In the New Format dialog box, click the blue Add Field button.

  5. Click on the desired field to add. Proceed to add more fields, one at a time by repeating steps 4. and 5. You can drag the fields up and down to reorder them in the Field Properties area. Once you are finished, change the name from New Format at the bottom to something different. Remove any fields by clicking the x beside the field you wish to hide. Click the blue Save Format button at the bottom.

    Note: If you do not see the field you wish to add, then review the help article: Adding Custom Fields in Organimi.

Here's a quick video:


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