Searching your Org Charts

If you have a large org chart, you can search for a member name or role to view or edit the information.


To search your org chart:

  1. Login to Organimi by going to

  2. Click the organization / org chart you wish to search.

  3. Under Organization Roster, click in the Search Roster field.

  4. Start to enter the first name and last name. The field will try to autocomplete what you are typing.

    To edit the member information, hover over the member in the roster, then click the pencil to Edit.

    Change the desired information, then click Save.

    - OR - 

    To delete the member, click the Garbage can symbol to delete the member, then click Yes to confirm the deletion.

  5. To reset the screen and clear the filter, delete the name you entered in the search field in step 4.

    All members now re-appear.


Here's a quick video:


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