Searching Your Org Charts

In Organimi, you can search by any field or custom field.

Organizations with multiple Org Charts or large Org Charts can use the main chart search featuremceclip0.png  to search for a member name or role to view /edit the information.  


  1. To search for a Chart, go to your organization's dashboard.
  2. Click inside the search box and type a few letters of the Chart name.
  3. Click the Chart to open it.


              mceclip1.png  The Chart appears.




        4. Click inside the search box and start typing, for example, type the first or last name. The

            the field will autocomplete what you are typing.



        4. To edit member information, in the Roster, hover over the member then click the pencil



6.  Click SAVE to save your changes.

7.  To delete a member, hover over the member then click the Garbage Can icon.


8.  Click YES to confirm the deletion.



Here's a quick video:




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