Changing the Style and Font of an Org Chart v5

Once you have created your org chart, you have the ability to change how the boxes and information are displayed.  Note that this feature is included in any of the Organimi paid plans.

To change the style and font of an org chart:

  1. Go to the org chart that you wish to change.

  2. Click on the Chart Formats A icon.

    The List Formats dialog box appears.

  3. Click the 3 dots of the format you wish to edit, then choose Edit Format or alternatively click the blue New Format button at the top to create a new format. 

  4. In the Edit Format dialog box, you can choose the size of the member photo and where you want it located. You can also change card properties, font size, and color under Field Properties.

  5. Click the different role types at the top to adjust the styles of the various role types, i.e. Shared, Assistant, Department, Location.

  6. Once you are done changing the formatting, rename the custom format in the field at the bottom if you like, then click the blue Save Format button.

  7. Your format is saved and applied to your org chart. You can switch the format to a different one anytime, by clicking the A button, then choosing a different format. 

 Here is a quick video:


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