Importing Multiple Photo Images

Save time when uploading multiple photos by performing a one time import!

Before you upload images:

  • Complete your Organization's Roster. To learn how to create a roster see, Adding Members to a Roster
  • Place all image files into one folder


No need to save images into a zip file or rename photos. You can rotate photos after uploading. 


Here's a quick video: 


     1.  To automatically map your image to the right member, name your images in this format; 

           First + LastName.png or email.png.    

      2.  There are two (2) ways to import multiple images:

            . From your organization's dashboard, click the mceclip0.png button

             . Open the Chart in which you wish to import images (.png or .jpg) and click the

mceclip0.png button.


                   mceclip2.png The Import Members and Roles screen appears.   


 a. Click the Photos button.

 b. In the gray Drag and Drop area, do one of the following:

      .  Drag and drop a zip or jpg/png file

     Click to browse and select photos


               mceclip2.png  A message appears displaying how many photos are detected and how many are

                  not detected.





                    Photos that are detected appear with a blue checkmark. Undetected photos

                    appear with a red message.

      3.  Click the UPLOAD PHOTOS button.

                  mceclip2.png  A message appears displaying the number of photos that were uploaded.



4.  Click the FINISH button.


            mceclip2.png Each member's picture automatically appears in the corresponding Org Chart box.

5.  To switch to photo view mode, click the Photoboard mceclip7.pngicon in the right navigation pane.





   To change the size or location of each image in the Org Chart box (i.e. left side

    instead of the top of each role box) see, Changing The Style And Font Of An Org



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