(2) Adding Members to an Organization Roster

At account login, you have entered your organization name.  

Within Organimi, there are 2 ways to add members to an organization roster:
   A.   Manually add roster members one at a time, or;
   B.   Quickly import a list of names from an Excel spreadsheet (or CSV file) to the roster.*  

*Note: You can re-import lists at any time and either replace the existing roster (adding/correcting roster info), or create a new roster for a new chart.  Newly imported lists can contain additional information such as columns including skills, phone numbers, additional work details, etc. and the additional columns are automatically detected on import and added as custom fields. Custom fields may be displayed in the org chart using the Format Chart (A) button.

A. To Manually Add Roster Members One at a Time:

  1. Click the Organimi Logo at the top left to navigate to the main dashboard.

  2. If you have more than one organization, choose the organization at the left under which you wish to add the member.

  3. Click the Roster tab, then click New Member.

    The Member Details dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the new person's (member's) details, then click Save at the bottom.            

  5. Repeat steps 2. to 4. to continue adding members.

  6. When done adding members, advance to the final step (3) Building Your Org Chart.


B. Quickly Import a List of Names from Excel:

In addition to manually adding team members one at a time, you have the option of importing your member roster names from an Excel or CSV file that contains names and other pertinent org chart or contact information.

NOTE:  Review and complete the following checklist before you begin the import:


To Import an Excel / CSV file (Existing List of Names in Excel) to Your Roster:

  1. To import a list of names from Excel:

    (A) Choose the Organimi logo at the top left to navigate to the main dashboard;

    (B) Choose the desired organization at the left;

    (C) Then, click the orange Bulk Import button.  


    Or, open a chart, then click the orange Bulk Import button at the left. 


  2. Select either List of People (Roster) (to import the list of member names), or Roster + Chart (to import names plus reporting relationship information contained in the Excel file in order to have the chart automatically generate).

  3. Drag and drop the Excel file onto the grey Drag and Drop tile that appears at the bottom. Or click the grey tile, then browse and double-click the Excel or CSV file to select it.

  4. Read the statement indicating how many records (rows) were found in the file. The fields may auto-generate a pre-filled name detecting the column headings within your file. If they don't pre-fill, click the drop-down that appears to choose an existing column name (which is the column heading contained within the Excel / CSV file).

    Note: You may not make your own manual entry into the fields.

    If you have added additional columns to your Excel/.csv file, these are detected.
    You are then asked if you wish to add them as custom fields

    Click the Add Fields Now button to accept.

    The Review New Fields to Add dialog appears. Click the settings wheel at the right. 


    Choose your custom field setting options:


    Choose the appropriate field type, i.e. Text for text, Numbers if you are importing a numbers column, etc. Change the Field Type to Tags, if the field you are importing is a custom tag field. A custom tag field can be used to display multiple variables, i.e. Skills:  SQL:Python:Sharepoint.  Also, in the csv/Excel file cell containing the skill, if there is more than one skill, ensure each skill is separated by a colon (see excel eg. below). 


    Proceed to select the desired options, such as does this custom field apply to the Member/Person or the Role (Job), then click Save Field. Then click Add Now.

  5. Click the blue Next button. 

  6. When the file has been uploaded, the list of names appears for your review.

  7. Click the blue Finish button.

  8. A message appears at the bottom of the screen indicating the number imported.

    Note: If you have chosen to import Roster + Chart, you may need to refresh the screen to see the Roster members names appear. As you have now added all the members, you can now advance to (3) Building Your Org Chart.


Here is a video of how to import your member roster from a well-structured Excel or CSV file: 


Once your Excel or Excel CSV file has been imported:

  • If in step 3. you chose "List of People (Roster)", then proceed to the final step (3) Building Your Org Chart.
  • If in step 3. you chose "Roster + Chart", then click the Organimi logo at the top left, and navigate to your automatically generated org chart. To have additional imported custom fields appear, click the Format Chart (A) button and choose to +Add More Fields to display and enable the field to display.

See sample chart below which contains custom tag fields (Lead, SQL, Python, etc.) and smart badges:


Note: Based on your plan, there may be a limit to the number of members imported/created in your roster.

Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.  


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